Who am I?

My true passion is helping other's realize their full potential.

My name is Brooke and I am 24 years old. I live on Vancouver island, British Columbia with my boyfriend Logan and our 2 dogs; a 3 year old Boxer and a 7 year old Staffordshire Bull-Terrier.  

I grew up in a small town, Muenster, Saskatchewan with only at most 500 people. For perspective, my graduating class consisted of 15 people.


My partner Logan and I met nearly 5 years ago and began making healthy lifestyle changes shortly after. We even got our personal trainer certification to learn more about our bodies and how to give them exactly what they need.I always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and wanted to coach others in a way unlike most 'trainers' approach the industry. Though completing my PT cert only opened my eyes more and deepened my passion for wanting to help others.

Along the journey of working on being my happiest, healthiest self, I have had many bumps along the way confronting the state of my mental health, sabotaging behaviors and bad habits all alongside working on physical health and learning to give my body the correct nutrients it needs. I was stuck for a long time in negative routine and a severely negative mindset which was holding me back from making progress in other areas of my life.

This is why I want to help others, through all the challenges you will face along the journey of developing healthy lifestyle changes and creating positive habits in your life. Really dialing in on all aspects as to what has held you back and how to overcome the necessary obstacles to reach your goals.

I am going to be including workouts, stretching routines, mindset reset activities/programs, personal growth activities, recipes(as my passion for cooking has only grown as my love for nutrition has grown), and more surprises along the way! 


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Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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