10 Reasons why we chose to move into a bus!

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

1. Reduce your ecological footprint

It is truly exciting to know that by living in a bus we will be doing our part to treat the earth better as we are in charge of our resources. Yes buses aren't the best on fuel but the beauty of having your home with you is not having to drive back and forth from place to place. Once you are in one place, you can relax and enjoy it for awhile. Planning ahead is essential, by having bicycles we can use alternate transportation from our bus to get things like groceries without having to pick up and move our home. Less energy, less water usage, using a composting toilet and purchasing less of what you don't need are huge benefits of living this way. Our energy is going to be powered by 550 watts of solar, our water will be divided between three water jugs, two for dishes, etc and one for showering. No one truly knows how much water they are consuming daily when it runs freely from the tap. Knowing that we will have the amount of water that we have until it is gone, when we will then have to physically go and fill it up ourselves truly puts the usage into perspective. Limited space will make it harder to purchase unnecessary things you don't need, as well as being conscious of the products being bought as to not have a built up of plastics and waste.

2. Connect with nature

This is very exciting part for us as we live for adventuring outdoors and experiencing nature as much as possible. This is so easy when you live in a bus, the outdoors are all around you. We even built a rooftop deck onto our bus that we can access from the emergency hatch inside, this not only expands our living space but we can go and sit amongst the trees, enjoy the fresh air, watch the stars, do some work or whatever we would like. The backcountry is truly your home being able to stop at any trail head or national park whenever you want. We also love to snowboard and having the ability to stop at any ski resort we pass enables us to do more of what we love more often.

3. Eliminate distractions

By living in a bus we are able to eliminate the distractions that most people have living in a house such as; multiple TV's, computers, video games, huge house to clean and maintain, bills such as rent, utilities and multiple car payments, etc. Taking away all the things that stress you and distract you from spending quality time with each other, allows us do more of what we love together. One more bonus, especially of where we currently live, is that it is quite easy to get out of service, like completely. You only have to drive a few minutes out of town to have the luxury of exchanging phone notification beeps for birds chirping, waves crashing, trees creaking, and each others voices. Yes, one thing we love to do together is play video games and watch movies, but bus living will help us limit screen time due to the fact that we will have to set everything up to use it and only use the power we have stored in the battery, which will allow us to be outdoors doing what we love more.

4. Be connected with yourself and each other

Living in close quarters allows you to focus on your own self and significant other. We are all so easily caught up in everyone else's issues, drama, and lives that it can be overwhelming. Having the ability to spend less time working and surrounded by others lives, you can work on being more connected with yourself and each other only making relationships happier, stronger, and healthier. We could not be more excited to be confined to our 100 or less square feet of space in our bus. We live in a house right now that is about 900 sq. ft. and it feels huge. Us and our 2 bullies are inseparable so being able to share the small space of the bus will only make our connection stronger.

5. Working to live not living to work

Having a lower cost of living, means you have the ability to choose more freedom when it comes to work. Instead of having to spend all your time working to keep up with cost of living, you can park near your work for no commute time or you can choose a more flexible or part time job. Or in our case, if you are an entrepreneur and have passions that you are turning into a career you can work wherever you are as well as find odd jobs along the way if need be. Stay tuned to find out what creative ventures we will be working on!

6. Save that money

Who wants to pay rent their whole life, am I right? Rent prices are only going up, especially where we live in BC, our rent would have costed us $18,000 for the year, and that is not including utilities. Now add that to your car payments, other bills and costs of living and that is pretty crazy to be spending the majority of your money on. We have been budgeting out each month precisely now for 8 months to know exactly where our money goes and what we have saved, which is hugely effective and let me tell you does it ever make you save money seeing and physically using cash on each purchase. We will already be eliminating 3 monthly payments we have to make, which will put that much more money right into our savings. Yes you still have to pay for places to sleep, but by making use of free campsites and backcountry you can save yourself alot of money in comparison to rent prices, enabling you to save money for one day purchasing a home, land, or for your hobbies and passions.

7. Learning everyday

By living remotely you are able to learn new things everyday, how to improve your living quarters or systems, how to fix problems on your vehicle when they arise and you are out in the middle of nowhere on your own. Not only this, but you learn about yourself and those around you by spending time time in close quarters withe each other without distractions. We will also have the opportunity to meet new people everywhere we go that have been living this way for alot longer than us that have knowledge to share as well as people that we can share our stories and knowledge with.

8. Focus on passions

Our passions revolve around nature, travel, hiking, wildlife, all things beautiful and inspiring so being able to surround ourselves with all the things that spark our creativity could not be better. We are passionate about photography/videography, and creating art, which we will be able to spend alot more of our time working on by living in our bus. As well as our hobbies like long boarding and snowboarding, that we haven't been able to spend the time we would like doing, do to work and life(the most over used excuse, of course).

9. Living life to the fullest

What could make you more inspired to do all that you set out to do, than having your home on wheels to take anywhere, being with those that you love, focusing on your goals, making an income from your passion and being in nature and beautiful environments of your choosing ALWAYS! Our mindset is that if you wait for everything to be perfect to do everything on your dream list, you will be waiting a life time, so STOP telling yourself the perfect time will come. Taking the opportunity to live in a bus was one of those things we knew we would wake up one day at 30 years old and say, "I wish we tried that" so here we are.

10. Deciding where to live and when

Having the ability to choose the view we will wake up to each day is enough of a reason we couldn't be more excited for this lifestyle. Living on Vancouver Island for about 7 months now, we still wake up each day and head outside and are taken aback by the breathtaking mountain and ocean views we have the privilege to see right from our house, let alone everywhere else. We could not be more excited to see the rest of the coast, all of BC, and wherever Gus Bus takes us. Not only can we take our home to our favorite camping spots now but we can park and take our tent on hiking trips as well. What could be better, never forgetting a single item on any camping trip because everything we own will be with us. We also have the ability to drive back to Saskatchewan where we originally moved to BC from to see our families. This is a 1600 km trip by vehicle and trips that far sure are limited when your cost of living is as high as it is.

Building our tiny home bus conversion from the ground up completely on our own taught us alot. Previously working a home construction job, we both had ideas of where to start but our knowledge was limited. We carefully planned each inch of our home to have a specific purpose for fitting the essentials. We framed and constructed, did electrical, plumbing, painting, upholstering, some mechanics, etc. to ensure our tiny home was ready to hit the road with only our creative minds and some help from trusty ole YouTube. We are so proud of what we accomplished and cant wait to begin living more freely with less and share all of our challenges and adventures along the way!


Brooke & Logan

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