20 Essentials for van life with dogs

Here is a list of some essentials we NEED for surviving #vanlife with our two extra drooly bully pups! Essentials for your pup will change depending on living situation and lifestyle. We lead very active outdoorsy life with our dogs and these are the items we find most important!

#1 Extra water

#2 Water bottle for them or collapsible water dish

#3 Drool Rags

#4 Rain coat/Sweater

#5 Hiking boots

#6 Hiking pack

#7 Brush/Grooming tools

#8 Broom or vacuum (and a lint roller)

#9 Old towels for muddy/wet paws

#10 Air freshener

#11 Poop Bags (lots)

#12 A variety of toys...and extra toys

#13 Extra blankets

#14 Identification tags

#15 Med kit

#16 Their medical papers for visits to the vet

#17 A bell or light up collar

#18 An extra long lead to tie them up outside

#19 Food and extra food


Living in such a tiny space has been fun but it also requires a lot of cooperation, patience, understanding and communication between the four of us. Without these and the great bond the four of us have we might all be going a bit crazy. There has been frustrations as we go and figure out each others space and how we all function and complete tasks in the bus, but it all comes with time and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Brooke & Logan


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