Bad habits that are draining your energy!

What are your bad habits?

We all have one or two bad habits or have struggled with them in the past, but are you letting them truly get the best of you?

Everything we do, say and think on an everyday basis has an effect on our long term growth. If you have some epic goals set but are letting your negative habits consume you mentally, you will never have the ability to take them to their full potential, straight up. You may not notice it but your bad habits could be what are holding you back from personal growth and overall success.

Some common bad habits that affect your everyday life and drain your energy:

1. Saying “yes” to everything

2. Negative self-talk / mindset

3. Being indecisive

4. Fearing failure

5. Taking constructive criticism personally

6. Not sharing your opinion

7. Comparing yourself to others

8. Letting all the small things get to you / holding on to the past

9. Giving up too easily

10. Lack of self-love or confidence

11. Complaining & Blaming all the time

12. Needing to be perfect/ please everyone

13. Surrounding yourself with a negative circle of people

14. Having a poor diet

15. Overthinking / over-stressing/ Being over anxious

16. Not living in the moment

17. Gossiping 18. Procrastination 19. Substance abuse/ General health abuse

Pushing past these self sabotaging bad habits is so necessary to achieving your goals and being content and happy with progress. It isn't easy, no lifestyle change is, but it is necessary. No matter your goal, big, small, fitness related, career, relationships, overall mental wellness or life in general, this applies to you. Read the list, and then reread the list, think about how one of these could be effecting you or maybe have effected in the past. Maybe someone else has mentioned one of these to you before. You are not ever a bad person or failing at life if you are struggling with bad habits, remember that. Though, addressing them will make a world of a difference to your mood, and energy, bad habits have the potential to be extremely exhausting mentally. Your state of mind plays a major role in your overall success and happiness.

What can you do to push past these bad habits?

1. Surround yourself with a good support system/positive circle. Having one positive influence as support in your life is a million times better than 10 even slightly negative ones. Keep yourself around those that lift you up and realize your potential and want to see you grow. A toxic, negative mindset spreads like wildfire.

2. Remember to stay focused, redirect the habit and replace it with a new routine. Redirect your habits to your new ones by stopping, taking note and doing whatever it is that you need to do to redirect your mind. If you get overwhelmed, stop, breathe, take a walk, step outside or meditate. Do something that is sure to bring you clarity and calmness as well as improve your mood and energy. Life rushes enough, there is no reason to rush progress when your foggy.

3. Redirect negative thoughts and find something positive in every situation. Creating or transitioning to a positive mindset and outlook is very difficult for some people. No not everyday is going to be full of happy positivity fairies dancing around you. But try to stop yourself from focusing on the negative outcomes of a situation and redirect those thoughts to positive ones. Being around those that make you happy, listen to music that makes your soul happy, and doing things that make you happy will help this.

4. Focus on the progress that you have made everyday. If you resisted or took notice of your bad habit once in the day and redirected it, that is progress. Any progress is good progress. Some days will go better than others, remember that that does not mean failure.

5. Give the new habit a solid effort before throwing in the towel! You will succeed if you give every new habit a fair effort. Every habit/new lifestyle takes a different amount of time to develop. Consistency is key

6. Make yourself accountable & be mindful of your actions. Track your progress with a gratitude journal or app that will help you stay accountable for your actions. Use that journal to make yourself aware of the habit and the side effects of those habits by making a list of these side effects as well as taking note of what triggers the habit, what environment it thrives in and what the reward or outcome of the habit is.

7. Consider variety your enemy! Stay consistent when trying to form healthy habits. Your body & mind need to get used to consistency to properly form a habit that will stick

8. Take baby steps and reward your milestones along the way. Remember to stop and reflect.

10. Set realistic expectations for progress. Setting unattainable goals for yourself or trying to make too many changes at once will only result in more frustration and set backs. Make sure you outline the habit you are trying to break and how you are going to do it. Being too vague will result in no change.

It can seem like a never ending battle to break an old habit in order to build healthier ones, whether it comes to nutrition, fitness, career, relationships, overall mental health or any other aspects of life. If you take the time to create healthy habits they will not be restrictions on yourself. Breaking bad habits is about self-care! Working on yourself for yourself and relationships to improve quality of life and be the happiest/healthiest version of you that you can be. It is impossible to try to rely on always being motivated to do these things for example like eating healthy and workout, though when you create a habit for yourself, this motivation comes naturally.

If you find yourself stuck in this situation find your greatest motivations or support system to assist you with these tools to help get you through this negative state of mind. A few of these habits that we have personally overcome and are working to maintain everyday are; negative self-talk/mindset, lack of self-love/confidence, overthinking/anxiousness, fearing failure, substance abuse, and surrounding ourselves with negative circles. When you are able to acknowledge the ways these habits are effecting your daily life and relationships and address them, a weight is lifted from yourself physically and mentally. Don't ever be afraid to reach out for help or advice, your wellness is just as important as anyone else's!

Be all that you have the potential to be in life and live unapologetically happy, content, and full of life.

Living a #determinedlife

Brooke & Logan


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