- In order to open new doors in life we need to close the doors to past chapters. Don't be afraid to walk away from a past experience to make way for new opportunities that come your way. You have to be willing to let go of what your too used to and be open to new challenges. Embrace them, you never know what is waiting for you behind that door. - We have had to embrace this concept an incredulous amount in the past year. It can be a hard concept to embrace as change is scary though it is a beautiful process as well. We have gone through numerous changes throughout the past year from moving to a new province, to new jobs and experiences and taking risks to better ourselves and further our goals.

The Process

Just over a year ago we took a scary leap in making a firm decision that we were going to move from familiar Saskatoon, Sk to British Columbia. We weren't even sure where in the province we were going to move we were just very certain that we were moving to BC. We were going into uncharted waters and for the most part we were unprepared. It was scary, though we were ready for a new challenge and taking a risk. Initially this risk did not go so smooth from day one, from losing our RV we had purchased before moving, to struggling to find an affordable rental suite for ourselves and dogs, to technically moving four times in just over 8 months. The point is that taking a risk does not always go as planned but we wouldn't go back and change anything. We learned many lessons throughout this process that have brought us to achieving goals and working on making bigger moves all the while.

The next scary decision was to put on hold our hard work that had gone into the beginnings of a personal training career. Our decision to step back and take a look at our priorities and what we wanted to achieve made us realize that we were not committed to selling ourselves by putting a dollar value on our time to people and we were not willing to become something we are not to make a "career". The fitness industry as a whole is for another blog for another day. We had to make the decision to do this in order to refocus our priorities and what we were looking to achieve with our platform as well as our goals but to also get back on our feet financially. This meant entering into new territory of a new job that we had no experience in. This meant new tasks, learning new skills and hard labor everyday, 10 hours a day, usually 6 days a week all for a good paycheck as it wasn't a job we could or were looking to further ourselves in.

Though our ultimate decision meant we were letting go of this new chapter and challenge of entering the fitness industry that we had just recently taken, it was exciting for us to take what we had learned and all of our ideas and turn them into what we really had been trying to achieve all along. A way to inspire people through our lifestyle, being 100% ourselves and utilizing our skills that we are talented at. We needed to accept that we hadn't failed by closing the door to this chapter of which we once thought was perfect for us. We were able to do so because we realized that there were even better ways for us to inspire and motivate people through our true talents that have been within us forever. A new opportunity was presenting itself it was just a matter of finding the best way to do so that best suited us.

We then faced a huge opportunity and challenge all wrapped into one. We had been given notice that we would have 6 weeks laid off of work starting in February. All the while we were still working on our goals daily to come up with a way that we could do more of what we love and find a way to make an income without our current job. After going on a little road trip to begin our time off and then spending a couple days sitting at home watching YouTube videos on mobile living, we felt cheated that we hadn't had the chance to give living mobile a chance as our RV had fried on the move to BC. We then found our bus shortly after and fully committed to converting it and living in it full time. This meant letting go of what we were used to living in a traditional house with access to all the little things that we take for granted everyday. This meant selling a lot of things we owned and being open to the challenge of finding a new routine and ways to complete everyday tasks.

This challenge that we accepted has only opened new doors and opportunities for us. We have been able to do more of what we love everyday, make time for work and adventures and we meet new people almost everyday that are trying to make their own changes as well. We were able to save enough money to be ahead enabling us to have the time together to put into things that we enjoy and are talented at. In hopes to try to make an income without working for someone else as a end goal. These things being; art, vlogging/media, making long boards and photography. Our plan is to sell our art and longboards through markets as well as through our website. Putting ourselves out there and being a part of markets and public events only allows us to build more contacts and get more ideas and possible opportunities as well as sharing our ideas with others. We are able to explore new areas that we can put our talents to use where we feel we will have the most success while living the lifestyle that we do, being mobile. This is taking a huge risk, with hopefully huge reward. It may take us a while to get were we would like to be and it may not but we are open to the challenge and willing to make the necessary changes to make it happen along the way.

Take advantage of new opportunities when they arise and feel right and don't be afraid to close the door to a chapter that is ready to be closed. Trust your gut! We hope to inspire others to do what they love and take a risk, use your creativity to find a way to do exactly what is it is that you want to achieve in life.

Brooke & Logan



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