Growth is not found in comfort!

Getting your shit together requires an incredible amount of courage & vulnerability & honesty. It is way easier to just sit back miserable in your own shit than to grow through it and face your own insecurities & things that are holding you back in your life.

Just wanted to take a minute(or a few) to be vulnerable & real & raw with some personal transformation & growth. This is my favorite type of sharing. The kind where we get to see deep into a person's why. Learning to be vulnerable is so freeing. It allows us to connect on such levels with each other. You can see someones everyday posts but to truly know why they have the passion they do, what drives them everyday is so important to me. It is what allows us to find similarities in each other, to know we aren't alone in our growth and to find inspiration to want to go after all we are after in this life.

So here is just a short glimpse into the major components of what making positive healthy lifestyle changes looked like for me over the last 4 years.

#1 Choosing to give my body the nutrients it needs daily. Taking the time to study nutrition & how our bodies work & what they need was so worthwhile and rewarding. You can think you know, until you really know and choose to be open to learning and expanding your knowledge base and yourself. Nutrition & creating a healthy lifestyle that is right for you is such a passion for Logan & I and is why we took the time to get our personal training certification. Logan & I created meal & fitness plans for people for a long time and still enjoy it. It is so rewarding to help others learn to love treating their bodies right. Our gut health is related to so many other parts of our body & how we feel as a whole. Learning to be intuitive as to what your body really needs is such an amazing process and way to view nutrition & physical activity.

#2 Choosing to eliminate toxicity in all forms(relationships, nutrition choices, choosing to use clean products, etc) Eliminating toxicity from your life is a form of self-care like no other. Eliminating cancerous mentality/thoughts, negative people/energy & toxic habits will change your freaken life. My mindset at age 19/20 compared to now at age 24 is soooo drastically different. I can't even begin to explain this in one short post but ask me about it I am an open book. And believe me when I say what I did above, learning to grow and choosing to change your mindset will literally CHANGE YOUR FREAKEN LIFE.

#3 Choosing to be sober. Eliminating alcohol/substances was literally the best decision ever. For 2 whole years I didn't have a single drop of alcohol & now I only ever have a single drink here and there. Choosing to be sober in a world where there are a million and one ways to abuse substances & put a temporary band-aid on all issues can feel lonely & extremely difficult at times. Though the rewarding feeling of detoxing & getting to know your true self without all the masks is a truly beautiful process. I truly don't care what anyone tells you or defines your situation as, as being a 'true' addiction or not in society's eye to believe that you don't matter enough or have enough of a problem to be worthy of support or to share your story. Logan and I's experiences in regard to this topic may be seen to some people as 'not that bad' and to some it would probably blow their minds. Either way though, negative habits are addicting, a negative lifestyle is too, living in a cancerous mindset is addicting. If you feel stuck in any such routine, I am here and I am willing to listen without judgement and will share all I know to help you through it. Life is far too precious and beautiful to spend it abusing the one precious body we have. Logan & I were both in a negative routine as such before we met but the truth is we just realized quickly (thankfully) after meeting that this type of routine was not conducive to our goals and the type of lifestyle we wanted to lead & were able to help each other make this change. My point of view on the topic of alcohol & substance abuse is very clear & I want to steer clear as many young people from negative habits as I possibly can. The effects of a negative lifestyle are quick to cause harm and are long lasting.

#4 Choosing to stop taking hormonal birth control, which was only causing me tons of unnecessary anxiety, foggy brain & eyes, mood changes, headaches, nausea & other side effects. This was one full year ago and I am so glad I did this. It is crazy to me how something prescribed by a doctor can have such negative effects if you are not intuitive to what is causing you these effects in your daily life. I was literally advised that it was okay to be taking it every single day without breaks as I had been for about 3.5 years straight!! I chose to stop putting synthetic materials like this into my body for my own reasons and to be honest, for the negative effects of such on my body personally, by NO means am I telling you to stop taking your medications or that they aren't good for you. It was not responding to my body in a way that I liked and I chose this, but if you have any questions I am happy to answer them in regards to my personal experience. Again, this was my personal experience only and for many others it is a positive experience.

#5 Making time for self-care & my mental health This is so so important and don't ever think you are not worth taking care of yourself in these ways. Consistency is KEY to growth and change and healing. It is okay to invest in you and don't ever let anyone convince you to believe anything different. Self-harm, Self-confidence/self-esteem, depression, anxiety are all things that I have worked on/through. Your mental health requires just as much attention as your nutrition, physical health, etc. Make it & yourself a priority.

I share these things for you to connect with me. To know why sharing & helping others make positive lifestyle changes lights my soul on fire. I 100% do not know everything on these topics but I am always willing to share my personal experiences and what I have learned along the continuing journey that is being my happiest & healthiest self that I am!

#6 Making time for relationships in your life. This one is pretty self explanatory, but make time for those relationships in your life-friendships, parents, partner, etc. All relationships require work and growth and time invested. Logan & I grow and learn more about ourselves as individuals and as a couple everyday and we have now been together 4.5 years so just invest time and put in the work and see how you will grow and flourish.

I love helping others make healthy lifestyle changes and so knowing a bit about my own journey can be helpful. Anyone who has put in the work and grown mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally knows that GROWTH IS NOT FOUND IN COMFORT. Say that again, growth is not found in comfort.

I urge you to look at your habits and your goals and decide whether or not the lifestyle you are leading is conducive to said goals. If not, let's chat! My Arbonne business is a new part of my healthy lifestyle journey and fits so seamlessly into my life as clean nutrition and clean beauty products were already so important to me and I was sharing my favorite products daily. Being a part of this amazing company allows me to share a lifestyle I am already so passionate about and that is Arbonne's slogan; helping empower people to flourish with sustainable healthy living.

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