Lets Talk-Morning Routine!

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive to breathe. To think. To enjoy. To love. • Everyday is the best day to be grateful and achieve big things. Today and everyday is your day, seize it. • A consistent morning routine & solid habits when you first step foot out of bed in the morning is the best way to set your day up for success. Key habits to build a positive~stress free morning routine:

•5-4-3-2-1 rule. Once you wake up, count from 5 to 1 and your feet hit the floor to get out of bed. This is the best way to decrease decision fatigue.

•Water~Sunlight~Movement first thing (this is the most refreshing, positive way we start our day every single day-water, sunlight & walk/stretch on our 15 min walk with the dogs)

•Affirmations & express gratitude

•Stay Organized & PREpared

•Wake up earlier(this one is huuuuge. Having the extra time to ease into the day instead of rush into it is a GAME CHANGER. Logan & I wake up at least 2.5 hours before work everyday)

•Do not consume before you create. If you wake up & instantly consume other peoples content on social media it can have an effect on your mindset before you even start your day.(obv if you follow super inspirational ppl it can be positive-but generally it alters our mindset in a negative way if yo haven't done anything productive yet) Instead listen to a podcast or audio book or something motivational to get your mind being creative and thinking.

•Eat a healthy breakfast ~this is what being organized & prepared looks like for me. Having things prepared so it is so easy to choose to give my body all the nutrients it requires to start each day refueled & refreshed. Step 1: Greens & pre/pro biotic Step 2: Protein Smoothie Step 3: Decaf Tea Step 4: 1000ml of water with Plant based vegan collagen & green tea energy

•Revisit your goals

•Make your bed & tidy any mess before you work

•Make an attainable to-do list for the day

Set your self up to conquer your day instead of rushing through it in a big ball of stress. This may make it sound easy but we have been building this routine over the years and it is the ultimate game changer.


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