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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Here is a little background info about our little family and our story to help you get to know us, enjoy!

Getting to know us!

Hey Everyone! We are Brooke, Logan, Meech and Rocco, welcome to our lifestyle blog! We are Passionate about living life to the fullest and going after every dream you have set out for yourself. We want to share our stories with you all, the ups, the downs, and aspire to inspire those around us! We believe in living your life as healthy, happy and full of adventure and passion as possible.

We like to call ourselves jacks of all trades passionate about art and life. Together we are/dabble in the following; photographer , Red Seal Welder, Personal trainers, make hand made and painted long boards, and bus/van conversions. If you are full of creativity like us we believe that life should not restrict you to choosing one "career" path to follow for life, why not change things up once in a while. We once were told by a wise friend of ours, "You have to at least change careers once every decade to keep life interesting." This friend has been a firefighter, a taxi driver, a construction worker, a glass blower, a sauerkraut maker, and that is only naming a few! Let your passions take you where they may when they may. Okay before I get off on a tangent again, here is our background story!

The two of us, Logan and Brooke, met 3 years ago in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We have two amazing bullies, a two year old Boxer named Meech, and a five year old Staffordshire Bull-Terrier name Rocco. They keep us insanely busy and laughing constantly, and are an extremely important part of our lives accompanying us on all life adventures. We had always wanted to live in the mountains in BC somewhere, we just had no idea where to choose. The summer of 2018 we made a camping trip to BC to celebrate Logan finishing his journeyman in welding, we ended up coming to Vancouver Island to visit a friend and we were sold! We went back to Saskatchewan and decided we were not going to spend another winter in a -30 Saskatchewan deep freeze. At the time Logan was working for a welding company and Brooke was working as a personal trainer for a gym as well as for our own small training business we had started.

How we got to BC!

Logan had a new job lined up with a home building company in East Sooke, BC and so August 25, 2018 was when we made our big move to British Columbia, and let me tell you that move dragged us through hell and back. And it was worth every struggle. For those of you who don't know, trying to find a place to rent in the main hubbub of Vancouver Island is hard, let alone with 2 dogs, from 1600 km away. For this reason, we ended up buying a 1970's Vanguard RV to make our move. Between the RV and our truck we loaded every possible belonging of ours that would fit, our 2 dogs and ourselves and we began the 1600 km journey. Long story short, the RV found its resting place in Golden, British Columbia, at just nearly the halfway mark of the trip. Needless to say the trip began on a stressful note from the battery needing to be boosted every stop, to stopping and popping the hood to see all sorts of smoke and liquids spewing about, to the ENTIRE roof leaking all night as it poured rain outside, not a pretty sight. Here is the lesson in all of this: Do your research and be extremely thorough in purchasing vehicles (or anything) from a stranger. Our downfall in this incident was we had the #vanlife, were moving in a few weeks goggles on and it got the best of us.

Now when your driving a vehicle with any sort of sudden issue or worry, pull over immediately and make a plan...especially when your driving on windy British Columbia highways with large hills and tons of semis. Our plan was to limp our RV to the town of Golden from the rest stop it had died at the night before, about 30 kms away. To our unfortunate luck, and a lack of service to communicate between vehicles, the shitbox(RV) as we had come to call it, lost all power and died less than 10 kms out of Golden on the largest hill and not to mention a blind curve also, with a large rock wall along the edge of one side and a cliff on the other. We waited patiently there in our truck on the cliff side of the highway, for a tow truck, as semi after semi sped past honking at the RV on the side of the road. Yup, we cried at this point. It seemed that there was some force trying to stop us, though it only made us fight harder back. From Golden, we found a tiny U-Haul trailer with the little cash we had, sold our 'shitbox' for a whopping $100( I wont even mention what we paid, you will cringe) and continued towards the ferry all packed in like sardines. Luckily we had our tent with us and were able to camp in a town called Spence's Bridge, the last stop before crossing the ferry over to the island.

We now were homeless as our plan was to stay in our RV to see if we liked it, or until we found a place to rent. We arrived on the island on August 29, a few days off target and camped for nearly a week in Sooke. Note: If your ever in a similar situation, some campgrounds allow long term stay and some do not, find the good ones they are always more understanding and friendly. Whether we liked it or not at this point we were back to the dreaded search of a place to rent. It was tireless and extremely stressful, but we ended up finding a home to rent the day before Logan had to start his new job. We had left all of our furniture in Saskatoon, besides a 4" mattress, a couple couch cushions and 2 lawn chairs from our RV, and let me tell you, it is pretty funny living in a house without furniture.

Logan began his new job, while I was going to work on our personal training business and photography. Though, a week later I began working for the same company as Logan as it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up to get ourselves back on our feet. We moved from Langford, BC to Sooke, BC in November 2018. We were able to begin to settle in and enjoy all the reasons why we wanted to move to BC in the first place. As time went on and we started to consider finding an area that we would like to buy a home, we started remembering all the reasons we wanted to try living the #vanlife. We felt cheated that we had never got to fully experience it and living in a house felt huge to us. We also could not decide one area of the island that we loved most to want to live in permanently. All signs were pointing towards trying to find another way that we could live mobile. We wanted to be able to be where we want, when we want and be able to make our passions that had been put on the shelf into a career that we could take on the road with us. We love the idea of being able to make a smaller footprint on the earth, by living smaller and being in control of where you live, how you get power, water, etc.

In February 2019 we were laid off of our construction job and we took this opportunity to get creative. We found an 18 ft bus online being sold in Squamish, we thought why not at least check it out! We took the ferry over to check it out on February 13th and went back to pick it up on February 16th. We worked on the construction of the tiny home bus for five weeks full time. We will explain the conversion in more detail through separate blog posts. Logan is now working a welding gig and we could not be happier to begin focusing on our passions again, photography, hand made and painted long boards as well as some van/bus conversions in our future, so stay tuned. Though we fell out of the fitness industry directly with personal training, as we came to the realization that it wasn't a world directly suited for our personality's through paid training, a healthy life style all around is still extremely important to us. We still want to spread our same message and inspire all our followers to lead healthy lives, physically and mentally and chase your dreams always! Our motto is "Living a determined life" and we hope you live that way as well, however you incorporate that into your life. As of April 28th 2019 we will officially be full time #buslifers and we could not be more ecstatic! Follow us social media to stay updated on the conversion and blog posts!

The morals of this story are;

  • Don't let a lack of time, perfect job, money, stop you from going after a goal. Getting there is never going to be perfect and if you wait for everything to be perfect, you will be waiting a lifetime

  • Don't be scared to try a new job or opportunity out, not every decision has to be a permanent one

  • Listen to your gut ALWAYS...it is always right

  • If you have a history of back luck, do not push it

  • If your career doesn't feel quite right but it is a passion still, do not remain 'stuck', find a new way to incorporate it into your daily living or a new career choice

  • Life is not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, but when you work toward a positive mindset it sure makes the hard times a little easier and keeps negativity at bay

Thanks for reading our first blog post!

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