Start showing up & playing your 'game' of life!

~Stop sitting back & watching other people play their game of life!~

Lets talk ~ consistency ~

Let's talk closing the gap between vision & reality. How many times have you told yourself or heard someone else say that they have a 'consistency problem'? Alot. It's the simple excuse & cover up to not showing up for yourself. When results don't show up, consistency turns off & ppl give up ever so easily. Quite simply put your life is a reflection of the consistency of your choices-if you are consistent, if your message is consistent, people know what they can expect from you, you are reliable and trustworthy.

How many of you have ever worked a job you didn't enjoy or went to school everyday but didn't enjoy all aspects of it? But, yet you still show up every single day. So why can you commit so easily to show up everyday for a job you dislike and not to your goals?! The reason~you understand the risk of not showing up, losing income, not able to support your family, etc. This is a commitment problem not a consistency problem.

Associate this same risk to your dreams as well. Act as if your life depends on you showing up for yourself!! And then show up no matter what, just like those things you see as obligations. Show up when it's hard~when your tired~when no one shows up for you and everything in between. Understand that people are counting on you to show up for yourself~you, your family~ those that need to hear your message. There is always someone that will be moved by your words, so don't hold back.

Another key part of being consistent & showing up for yourself is dropping your ego~realizing that you are amazing, unique & there is only one you, but there is someone out there who can do the same thing you are doing & there is always more work to be done~ so DO IT NOW~ before you feel 100% ready. Do it for you-to show up for you, to touch lives & change yours. To show yourself you can show up & commit to yourself, not just to 'obligations.'

"Success doesn't depend on world class talent, it depends on works class consistency."

What do you want to start off September being more consistent at? Your goals~a lifestyle change~let me know in the comments!👇

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